Sermons from Scripture

Audio and Written

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Stephen John Smith

My name is Stephen Smith. For the past 45 years I have served as a teaching elder in three Open Brethren Assemblies in South Australia — both in platform ministry and small Bible studies. During this time I also lectured in N.T. Greek at a South Australian Bible College and wrote an Internet-based course which was available world-wide under the heading of ‘Gateway Ministries New Testament Greek’. That same course will soon be available on this web-site. I have also authored a book on end-time prophecy entitled :“Kingdom of the Beast”.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree (Latin, Greek, English and French) from the University of Adelaide (South Australia). For the past 47 years I have been a Senior School Teacher at three Secondary schools, including 32 years at a local Christian School — teaching mainly in the area of Senior School English and Religion Studies. Now retired, I have ample time and opportunity to extend my ministry in this way.

So even though Sermons from Scripture is a newly-formed ministry, it comes as the result of many years of teaching and preaching the Word of God. The Spirit of God has prompted me to make available my messages in written and spoken form to every child of God who sincerely wishes to deepen his or her knowledge and appreciation of God's Word. It is also my intention to offer, at a later date, a complete New Testament Greek Course together with a translation and textual criticism of the Pauline epistles (this work is currently in progress).

Thanking you in the name of our Lord and Saviour,

God's richest blessing,

Yours In Christ,
Stephen Smith


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